May, and back in the UK

Greenwich Yacht Club

Greenwich Yacht Club

Back to the (computer) keyboard! A number of projects happening:

I’ve returned to that young adult novel, which I’m now wrestling with. It’s a love/hate relationship at the moment, but progress, at least!

Working on some new poems, and have joined a great workshopping group. Our first (and thus far, only) meeting was very helpful. Went to a fun open mic night last night at the Greenwich Yacht Club: Floating Words, an annual event from local group, the Thameside Poets.

On Monday I’ll return to Cambridge for the Science and Literature Reading Group. I’ve recommended it before and I recommend it again– a great group, free and open to the public. Monday we’ll be looking at ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground.’alice underground

The next adventure has begun, as well: I’m into my next novel, this one historical fiction. 

Next weekend I’ll be in Aberdeen for two events: the Word Festival (I read on Sunday at 13:30) and the Natural History Centre‘s Night at the Museum (Saturday,) an event for families.


University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen

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