Double the Stars

‘…you are there in the carriage jolting through the shires, and there as you gaze through the eye of a giant telescope at as-yet unnamed stars…’

– The Literary Loper. Read the full review here.

Double the Stars illuminates the life and adventures of Miss Caroline Herschel, maid-turned-singer-turned comet-hunter of Kings. It is based on the real life of Caroline Herschel, who discovered eight comets and was the first woman in England to earn a salary for scientific work, and rubbed shoulders with Fanny Burney and the Duchess of Devonshire whilst doing so.

Double the Stars was published by Cinnamon Press, and is currently out of print and only available second-hand. The novel had a ‘double’ launch, at the Herschel Museum of Astronomy in Bath, for the Jane Austen Festival, and in the Octagon Room of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, in September 2014.

It is a particular honour to point out that the cover artwork is a hand-made paper-cut silhouette by a dear friend, historical illustrator and direct descendent of Caroline’s brother William: Cassie Herschel-Shorland.

London launch, reading the excerpt set in – where else? – the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, London.
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