Muse meets Nymph

I feel the title would naturally run: ‘Muse meets Nymph: All Hell Breaks Loose’. However, happily it is ‘Friendship Struck,’ or at least, to begin, ‘freelance assistantship’ on my part. On Saturday, I meet Meike, […]

The Muse

May 2011. I have a full draft of Double the Stars: the Life and Adventures of Miss Caroline Herschel. The past months, since last autumn, I’ve been ‘working on’ the novel in the sense of […]

Writing & Reading

Available from Ward Wood Publishing Please pick up the latest New Scientist (Issue 23 April) and turn to page 50!  The first (wee, ickle) review I’ve written for NS, in print: hurrah and cheers. That’s the writing […]