April Trip: DC, VA, RI, TX

My recent book tour trip to the States went very well– I ended up wishing I’d brought more books along, but that’s the best way to feel, I suppose. 

Xiao outside of Union Station

Xiao outside Union Station

First stop, DC, where I stayed with my friend Xiao for a few days. I hadn’t seen many of the people on this trip since graduation; it was so wonderful to catch up!

RC Botanic Gardens

RC Botanic Gardens

Next stop, Randolph College (formerly my alma mater Randolph-Macon Woman’s College) in Virginia. There I was so pleased to visit some friends and former professors, wander around the lovely campus once again, and be honoured to read at the Visiting Writer’s series, which I used to attend religiously as a student. The school made good use of my visit; I volunteered to speak in four classes and take part in the weekend Science Festival as well.

Signing books at The Other Tiger
Signing books at The Other Tiger

One week and a long train journey after I arrived in VA, I was home in Rhode Island, catching up with family and friends and giving a reading at the lovely little local bookshop, The Other Tiger. This went down a treat– finally, a chance for my family to see what I’ve been talking about! I was especially pleased that my grandparents were there. Luckily the weather was nice enough to squeeze in a few beach walks– how I miss the sea. 

Flight to Houston, Texas, and finally some heat! This was the perfect end to my month in the States; no readings, just catching up with very close school friends.

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