‘We can admire Swain’s combinations of economy, quizzicality, and depth-charge enquiry…’ – New Welsh Review

Endless Forms Most Beautiful, a song cycle setting a selection of poems from Darwin’s Microscope to music written by composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad, will debut at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, on 18th October 2019. Music: Carola Darwin, soprano, and Gildas Quartet.

The Naked Muse (Valley Press, 2016,) was hailed by the TLS as ‘an insightful, lyrical memoir which sheds light on the role of nude models depicted by artists throughout the centuries, illuminating both their immortality and invisibility’.

In 2016, Kelley was one of the first three poets-in-residence at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. An interview at Scientia Crastina gives some insight into poetry & science residencies.

Kelley writes and teaches in the field of Medical and Health Humanities, and has worked for Imperial College London, Duke University, and the University of Reading. She writes regularly for The Lancet medical journals, and is working on her next book.