Autumn (spooks & books)

DM3LV1CW0AUnzeHIt was lovely to return to my first place of UK study, the University of Reading, to speak with sculptor Eleanor Crook on hybrids, chimeras, and the concept of monstrosity.

It was the University’s first annual lecture for Health Humanities, and an honour to be invited to speak on topics which I’ve studied and written on from various angles, including in my Master’s dissertation a few years ago at KCL, and in my book Opera di Cera.

DM3LV0xWsAEGg3zMeanwhile, autumn in Oxford is stunning: crisp and leafy, mild and sunny. I continue to work part-time at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, which is offering numerous fascinating opportunities, including outreach and access,

I’ve coauthored a chapter in an academic book on Health Humanities with my collaborators at Duke University – happily, this will be published by Oxford University Press next year – more details once we have a date.

And, most happily, I’m writing, continuing to contribute to the various Lancet journals, and working on a new novel. Some very exciting new collaborations have sprung up, as well as ongoing projects with a longer reach, so watch this space for 2018 and beyond!

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