Early 2017

Hello readers!

2017 is brilliant (microcosm / personally) and dreadful (macrocosm / world news).

2016 was rather head-spinning. I…

Was amazed at the publicity and reviews for my memoir, The Naked Muse.

Was overjoyed to be a poet-in-residence at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Wrote a pile of reviews for The Lancet , and enjoyed working in-house for 6 months.

Enjoyed a stunning artist residency at the Virginia Centre for Creative Arts.

Was artist-in-residence at Duke University, where I was invited to run the first workshops for their new Health Humanities Laboratory, which I was also privileged to help launch. This included co-authoring a piece for The Lancet to define the emerging field of Global Health Humanities, along with Professor Karrie Stewart at Duke.

2017 has seen me move to Oxford, where I’m working on another book, this time with a literary agent who is challenging me in all the right ways. I’m continuing to write reviews for The Lancet journals, including a monthly column on colours for The Lancet Psychiatry.

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