Book launch: The Naked Muse

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The Naked Muse is well-launched into the world, after an amazing wave of publicity churned up by Ana McLaughlin of Sarah Harrison PR. (Thank you, Ana + Valley Press!)

Not only do reporters and radio stations need to hear about a book, they have to find it interesting enough to discuss, and I am enormously grateful to have been able to talk about The Naked Muse on ten (10!) radio stations across the UK + Northern Ireland. There have already been some lovely reviews, including on The Monocle, and thorough write-ups in and in The Glasgow Herald. Read (or listen!) here.

Last week, The Peckham Pelican hosted us for the book launch, where I was able to thank friends and contributors, (present as well as abroad,) and enjoy a vivid opening reading from the talented poet
David Nash, and enjoy a wonderful time.

Furthest-travelled guests included Henrike Scholten, Dutch friend & artist, who helped edit the book, and Daniele Iozzia, one of the painters I’ve worked most closely with, from Sicily, who painted the chapel frieze for which I modelled.

Thank you to all who attended or sent good wishes, and thanks to Marcos Avlonitis for the marvellous photos! If you haven’t bought the book, please do!
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