Spring 2016


I’ll be speaking on BBC Radio 4 Start the Week with Grayson Perry, Emma Rice, Alice Coote, and Mary Ann Sieghart – about identity, bodies, gender, and being clothed – and unclothed – for various roles.

The Naked Muse is hot off the press! Order now.

The launch is at The Peckham Pelican on 1st June, 7pm.


I’m continuing to write essays and reviews for The LancetThe Lancet Psychiatry, and The Lancet Oncology whilst working for The Lancet journals.


It’s an honour to have been invited to help launch the new Health Humanities Laboratory this November at Duke University. I’ll be an artist-in-residence, leading a multi-day workshop based on my previous Humanities in Global Health work at Imperial College London, and giving a speech at the opening of the Lab.

Health humanities represents an innovative interdisciplinary approach to advancing the health of populations worldwide through scholarship and practice grounded in histories, languages, and cultures. Combining humanities and interpretive social science scholarship with clinical medicine and public health, the field of health humanities seeks to improve communication in the clinical encounter, enhance the salience and sustainability of health systems in the clinic and beyond, and strengthen existing familial, cultural, and collective resilience. Dialogue and outreach on the continuum of social relationships to health and healing offers novel ways of reflecting on what it truly means to be “well.”

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