End-of-summer 2015

Summer reading.
(Books I’ve read this summer.)

“Be not solitary, be not idle,” wrote Robert Burton in¬†The Anatomy of Melancholy¬†(1621).

“If you are idle, be not solitary; if you are solitary be not idle,” amended Dr Johnson some one hundred years later.

This has been some of my summer reading (some has gone back to the Poetry Library). It includes books I’m reviewing, and I’m delighted that two reviews have recently been published, one for The Lancet Psychiatry and one for The Lancet.

I’ve also had a fantastic and educational time volunteering for Lambeth and Southwark MIND for part of August. Joan, Venus, Darren and Ajay have been welcoming and enthusiastic, and I’ve been able to do several things for them, like edit their Annual Report, write a grant proposal, and update part of their directory.

It has been a super summer, full of idle (and active!) socialising, and busy solitude. Burton and Johnson were absolutely right!

There are exciting plans for September, too…roll on, autumn!