Wrapping up 2014

Welcoming a New Year with Fred the cat.
Welcoming a New Year with Fred the cat.

My gratitude to everyone who helped support me through this extraordinary and formative year! Valley Press published my verse drama Opera di Cera, Cinnamon Press published my poetry collection Atlantic, and Cinnamon Press also published my first novel, Double the Stars. Throughout it all, I was completing a full-time MSc in Medical Humanities at King’s College London. The dissertation received a Distinction (“Making Monsters: Hybrids in the Work of Francis Bacon and Eleanor Crook”) and I earned a Merit on the overall degree. The dissertation success was a particular surprise, as I underwent minor surgery for skin cancer near my left eye two weeks before it was due, and was reasonably distracted. Working with Eleanor Crook has led to my first review for The Lancet, which I’m particularly excited about (and I’ve been asked to write another off the back of that one). Just after completing the MSc, I taught, for the third year, a series of “Humanities in Global Health” sessions for the BSc in Global Health at Imperial College London. In April 2014 I experienced a radical change of life philosophy, and chose to embrace Buddhism. In January 2015, I turn 30. Thank you to all who have helped me survive my 20s! I have learned more than I ever could have anticipated, through living life, and all it has thrown in the way. What’s next? I’ve been invited to deliver the keynote speech in April 2015 for the Randolph College Symposium of Arts and Sciences, which will be part of a week-long guest-lecture visit to my alma mater. I’m honoured, and look forward to the visit with delight! Meanwhile, I’m hunkering down to work out new book ideas.

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