Bath launch: Double the Stars


Thanks to all at the Herschel Museum!

Heartfelt thanks to the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, particularly to Debbie and Joe, for being amazing hosts for the first of our ‘double’ launch. What a lovely evening: the parlour was full, the sun shone, and we all enjoyed wine in the beautiful garden after the reading.

To bring together my publisher Jan with Herschel Museum staff was a particular delight – Jan has believed in this story from the start, and she was able to see the very home in which Caroline Herschel lived and worked.

She also told me the brilliant news that every branch of WH Smith Travel is going to take Double the Stars! So, travellers, look for it in airports!

My thanks also to Cassie Herschel-Shorland for helping to share news of this launch, to the Herschel Society for their interest, and to the Jane Austen Festival, who hosted the following day’s workshop on writing historical fiction.

With my Cinnamon Press publisher, Jan.

With my publisher, Jan.

The workshop sold out, and the group of interested writers was full of insight and excellent observations. (Not to mention a few fabulous bonnets!) I learnt new things (including what a ‘miser’s purse’ is,) and I hope all of my workshop attendees did, too.

Londoners: I hope to see you in Greenwich on the afternoon of 28th Sept for our Royal Observatory launch!

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