23 July: Atlantic Launch

Join us at the Poetry Cafe on 23rd July, 7pm, to launch Atlantic, published by Cinnamon Press.

This collection has formed over the past eight years: indeed, as I was finishing my first collection, Darwin’s Microscopein 2007, the earliest poems which would find their way into Atlantic were beginning to take shape.

This is my most intimate collection of poetry, not based upon history of science (as with Darwin’s Microscope,) or history of medicine (as with Opera di Cera and Pocket Horizon,) but upon personal history. It is, I suppose, the poetry of my twenties, though I hope it is more nuanced and wise than that may imply! It is a book of mourning and of transformation.

Atlantic is available now with Cinnamon Press, with beautiful cover art generously given by my friend Henrike Scholten, whose work I’m honoured to have gracing the book.

It would be lovely to see you at the launch of Atlantic.