‘Opera di Cera’ at Shakespeare’s Globe

Valley Press

Published by Valley Press

This title both is and is not what it sounds like – but who can resist such a thing?

I’ve been invited to present a 15-minute talk about creating my verse drama, Opera di Cera, at the Oxford-Globe Forum for Medicine and Drama in Practice, the theme of which, this year, is ‘Amputation and Body Parts’.

This is indeed very exciting, and also, hopefully a step in the right direction towards the possibility of Opera di Cera onstage.

The newly-opened Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at The Globe would be the best possible setting. Candlelight; waxworks; poems about candles and wax…and body parts…after all, I’d like to hold a performance in La Specola itself, but it would make for rather pricey tickets.

Opera di Cera is going to be published by Valley Press in the next few weeks!

You can already order it here.

Watch this space for news about the book launch: all welcome.

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