Sick City Talks 9 – ‘Pocket Horizon’

Sick City Talks 9 – ‘Pocket Horizon’.

I’m thrilled to announce that a poetry anthology I’ve edited, Pocket Horizon, published this month by Valley Press, will make its debut at the ‘Science Museum Lates‘ this coming Wednesday, 30th October. It’s a free event!

We’ll be holding three 30-minute slots with a poetry reading and object viewing in each. The first slot (19:30 – 20:00) will showcase Simon Barraclough, whose lovely book, Neptune Blue, engages with the planets. The second two readings (20:15 – 20:45, and 21:00 – 21:30) will feature the contributors of Pocket Horizon. Books and drinks will be available all evening.

Whether or not we have the pleasure of seeing you at the event, please do follow the link at the top to listen to a wonderful, 19-minute podcast featuring the poems, produced by, and thanks to, Dr Richard Barnett.

Finally, get ahold of the book here.

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