The British Museum, Gilded Vectors, and a Voice

KS by DI at the BM

Last Thursday, 29 March, I met the charming Daniele Iozzia, an Italian painter who divides his time between the south of Italy and the north of London, to take photos at the British Museum. Daniele contacted me as he was in need of a ‘delicate and classical beauty’ for a new commission, and he usually works from photographs due to his frequent travels. I didn’t mention that I’d been violently ill with a stomach virus the Monday leading up to our meeting, so I was certainly feeling delicate, if not classical or beautiful. Fortunately, by Thursday I was able to make it into town.

One thing I hadn’t thought of was the tourists. Doing a photo shoot, however unostentatious, in the British Museum means that a whole lot of people are going to start taking your picture. I had to swallow a few giggles. I did, however, learn a lot about curves, how to hold one’s hands and fingers, and how lighting works wonders.

Now for something completely different: the Gilded Vectors of Disease is on the air! I just listened to ‘Louse’ over lunch – perhaps for those of you with squeamish dispositions, don’t listen whilst eating. Fabulous and fascinating, the Louse episode will make you itch. Go to this link at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for links, which will be available for the week following the launch of each episode, and check out The Mustard Club for details about the series. I’m in episode 3: bedbug.

The Gilded Vectors experience is my first foray into radio, and an unexpected, delightful development is that apparently I have a voice people want to make use of. On Wednesday I was invited (commissioned?) to do some recordings next week for a podcast series, more information on which anon. I also sang with a couple of people at my latest ukulele lesson and wasn’t thrown out, so I suppose my voice may have potential after all…

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