The Junket

I’m delighted to announce my first publication of 2012: a collaboration with the talented Badaude, aka Joanna Walsh.

Cambridge-based literary journal ‘The Junket‘ asked Badaude if she would be interested in making a contribution to their quarterly, and she invited me on a fascinating back-and-forth production which ended up as a calendar-like sestina with mono-print illustrations, all based on themes from the French Republican Calendar.

Read it here.

Scroll down for the full sestina, and click the ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons to see the mono-prints.

Badaude and I took turns sending each other pieces every other day, so I would write four lines and send them to her, and she would design a mono print in response, and then my next four lines would try to incorporate her response, as well as my day from the FRC (which is printed below the day’s piece). It was fascinating: I’ve never done, or written, anything like it.

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