October events at the Whipple

Photo: Whipple Museum

The Cambridge Festival of Ideas is quickly approaching, and I’m co-hosting a 2-part event with Laura Dietz, a talented historical novelist and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin.

On Wednesday 26 October, I’ll be hosting a discussion panel on reputation and credibility in science & in art inspired by science. The panel will consist of Laura, as well as poet and novelist Sue Guiney, and Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. All four of us have written about and communicated the crossover between art and science before. Laura, Sue and I have written or are writing novels that deal with a scientist as a character. And Marek’s job is to communicate the public understanding of science – the ROG’s Astronomy Photographer of the Year Award is an excellent example of the art/sci connection. The discussion will take place at Anglia Ruskin University.

On Thursday 27 October, Laura & I will host a workshop at the Whipple Museum, drawing on themes from the previous evening’s discussion. How do new concepts go from ‘fringe’ to ‘canon’? How are old certainties challenged? We will consider the stories of scientists who changed our ideas of the possible. We will create new poetry & fiction inspired by items from the Museum collection.

Both events are free.

If you’re interested in science-literature crossover, in historical fiction, and/or in any of our fascinating speakers, do attend!