Meeting Badaude at the Tate Modern

Photo credit: Tate Publishing

What a pleasure last weekend to be drawn by artist Badaude (Joanna Walsh) on the walls of the Tate Modern bookshop!

I follow her fabulous blog, for things French, food, and fashion-related, and discovered she was promoting her new book, London Walks! at the Tate last weekend.

The book is so delightful that I bought two copies: one for myself and one for a friend, and went to have her sign them.

This is a great gift for any lover of London. Badaude’s walk on Islington is spot on: I used to live there and she’s captured the bustle and quirkiness. The fine details and thoughtful musings throughout make London Walks! a delightful guide to the city, like having a friend along who knows all the ins and outs of this many-layered place.

Joanna had said on her blog to send a photo and she’d try to include it in her drawings, and she was just finishing up Boris Johnson when I approached. (I’m guessing Boris didn’t send a photo and she chose to include him anyway…)

Not quite a London photo...

I’d emailed a photo from my friend’s wedding, wherein I have on a peacock-feather-laden hat and am holding a golden eagle.

This didn’t exactly fit with Badaude’s idea for London-themed people, nor did it include a full-length shot, so she drew me right then and there, with a pigeon flying behind me.

She also got in the all-important vintage envelope  handbag (and for those fashionistas out there, I’m wearing a blouse that belonged to my grandmother, Christian Dior trousers from La Belle Vie Vintage, and leather boots from Topshop).

Badaude’s drawings will be on the walls of the Tate Modern bookshop all summer, and her books are there too!

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