NewScientist CultureLab contribution

On Friday I was asked by NewScientist CultureLab editor Kat Austen to write a review of the Genomic Forum’s recent poetry competition. Kat and I met at one of the Days of Roses poetry reading in Greenwich, and she drew a very cool, impromptu piece of art inspired by each poet.

Kat said I came immediately to mind when the science and poetry topic arose: it was an extra plus that, though I hadn’t submitted anything to the competition (a relief, or I wouldn’t have, fairly, been able to write about it,) I knew about the competition through my links with the Genomics Forum.

So, dear readers: my first piece for NewScientist!

4 Replies to “NewScientist CultureLab contribution”

  1. Great article, Kelley, and thanks for the introduction to some neat poems. I was just about to comment (honest!) that I found “Chromosome Medley” particularly enjoyable, especially for its contrasts and the third part, “0008”.

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