Naturewatch: window-ledge, at home

Spider & Web.

8/10/10: The ladybird invasion has begun. They gather and huddle together high in the grooves of our window-frame for winter. As I was looking at the various ladybirds (many harlequins, unfortunately,) I noticed a common garden spider, Araneus diadematus, busily repairing its web after discarding a snack. Guess what it was? Yup, a ladybird. The spider has pitched up just outside the window and it was awesome to watch. I managed to get one not-awful picture, but really, it was about watching the swift and delicate process of the spider weaving its web. I love that the web is far from perfect, too. That’s not how nature works!
I do enjoy watching these things, though to be fair I wasn’t terribly pleased (though I was certainly excited, in a shrieking kind of way,) when a very large, hairy Tegenaria scooted from who knows where right under Dani’s seat at the computer. He was the one who leapt onto the chair; I got the Spider-Catcher. Which, for the record, was a gift from me to Dani so I wouldn’t have to catch the spiders all the time. To be fair, he ended up catching it because I couldn’t quite get it. We do so enjoy chucking them out the window, just over the doorway where the neighbours we don’t like live. The spiders won’t be hurt by the fall, and I like to imagine them immediately running into the neighbour’s flat to wreak havoc (which probably never really happens).
At least we don’t live in Australia…

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