a writing summer

On the outside, my life appears quiet. Calm. Peaceful. Not so in my head, where I’ve been busily (busily!) revising my historical novel. Sleep eludes me, but if a scene ‘clicks,’ it’s worth it. New poems have also been forthcoming, happily, and it seems my brain needs to take reprieve from fiction in poetry and vice versa. Thank goodness.

I’m rather hoping short stories don’t start next: I have bucketloads of respect for friends, such as Tania Hershman, who are cracking out amazing flash fiction, but the genre terrifies me. It seems harder than poetry or novels. But then, three years ago I said I’d never write fiction, and I’ve since written three manuscripts for novels (though two will never see the light of day, at least not in present incarnation)…


So, novel (title hasn’t settled yet, but am happy with the latest. I think.) is officially with Beta Reader No. 1. As previously mentioned, Debi Alper set me on the right track with a smashing professional critique and copy edit. Beta Reader No 1 is a fan of historical fiction and will likely be able to tell me if she enjoys reading the book (granted she makes it through the book, of which I am hopeful!)

Meanwhile, I’ve had a poem accepted in The Rialto, which will be in Issue 7o. Huzzah! It’s useful to have a completely rubbish memory, because I had no idea what I was opening when I heard from them, and had forgotten that I’d even submitted. More the surprise.

The excellent people at the Genomics Forum are hosting a poetry competition. They’ve teamed up once again with the gorgeous Scottish Poetry Library, so get out your quills – keyboards…what have you.

Howl is being made into a film. I’m shamelessly intrigued by this and can’t wait to see it. We studied Howl final year and I really must return to it.

Otherwise have been looking lately at Blake and Philip Levine, though I expect to hurtle back to age 15 angst and E.A. Poe in the next few months for rather different poetic inspiration.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers and enjoying their writing!