Poetry reading at Oliver’s

Wednesday 9 June saw the 3rd ‘Days of Roses at Oliver’s Music Bar’ poetry event, which ended up being one of those somewhat quirky, chaotic evenings where, in some cases, people who were supposed to show up didn’t, and at least one gap needed filling — which meant, lucky me for living in the neighbourhood — I got to fly home and grab some poems to do an impromptu reading.

This was incredibly helpful because I read some completely new, raw material and it gave me a good feeling for the direction it might go.

Creative interpretation by Kat Austen.

The official line-up for the evening, which made for a varied and very entertaining time, were Todd Swift, Jon Stone, and Luke Heeley. Christopher Horton ran this and the previous two Olivers/Roses events, which had great turnouts. He’ll be co-hosting Days of Roses readings at The Book Club in Shoreditch with Declan Ryan.

Also, happily, I met Kat Austen, a polymath indeed — it was her New Scientist review I posted last time, and this time I’m posting her cool artwork which she made while I was reading my poems. She incorporates major imagery from my poem ‘An Ambivalence of Ladybirds,’ as well as imagery from the Human Genre Project’s ‘Jargon,’ and some of my new work on life modelling.

Kat is going to be the resident artist for the Shoreditch Days of Roses events, so keep an eye out. You should also check out her website. Thanks, Kat, for sharing your drawing!

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