Linnean Society Induction

On Thursday 18 March I was inducted as a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London.

Signing The Book.

Dani joined me and we listened to an interesting but lengthy talk on siphonophores by Dr. Gill Mapstone. You can see the first slide in Dr. Mapstone’s talk in the background.

Also in the photo is the Linnean Society’s delightful President, Dr. Vaughan Southgate, wearing the historic tricorn hat which must be worn whilst inducting Fellows – he always needs to be reminded to put the hat on, and it always raises a chuckle from those in attendance.

Just out of the photo to my right is the famous portrait of Charles Darwin by John Collier. I wore a butterfly-laden scarf bought specially for the occassion, and afterwards Dani and I enjoyed a very spicy Malaysain dinner in Soho.

Linnean Society - appropriate scarf.

2 thoughts on “Linnean Society Induction

  1. Yes! How exciting! Do you get a hat, too? Maybe not until you’re President. I bet you’d be the first woman, if not the first American woman President ever. What a thought….

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