Flambard Press launch

Launched this month.

Last week at Daunt Books, Fulham Road, Flambard Press launched Richard Aronowitz’s second novel, It’s Just the Beating of My Heart, to a sizable crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

Poor Richard had lost his voice the day before, so he asked his brother-in-law, an actor, to read the brief excerpt from the novel on his behalf, and the reading was very entertaining indeed.

Here is a brief clip about the novel from the FP site:

‘Waking each morning alone, John Stack finds solace in long, alcohol-fuelled walks through the unchanging landscape of a Gloucestershire valley. Linda, his wife, has left him and his once golden reputation as an art dealer has faded. The only glimmer of light for John comes through the weekend visits of his twelve-year-old daughter Bryony. An encounter with a beautiful and enigmatic neighbour may offer the chance of a new beginning for John, if only he can quieten his suspicions about the death of her husband. Told in sparkling poetic language, It’s Just the Beating of My Heart is a story of loss, heartbreak and hope in a world peopled by ghosts.’

Best of luck to Richard on his second novel!

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