Linnean Society talk & reading

On 5th November (yes, Bonfire Night!) I was honoured to speak at the Linnean Society of London.

The talk blended readings of poems from Darwin’s Microscope as well as from Ted Hughes, Richard Tyrone Jones and Talvikki Ansel.

This reading/talk ended with some excellent discussion, followed by a jolly dinner with the delightful President, a few other LinSoc members, and my husband Dani.

There is a review of the event on the Linnean Society website.

It was quite a thrill to stand in the very room where Darwin’s & Wallace’s ideas were first announced (to a notably unenthusiastic audience at the time, it must be said). To my left was the great picture of Darwin, looking balefully out over the more animated audience.

It is said that Darwin wished, towards the end of his life, that he’d read more poetry. Happily, my talk was warmly welcomed by the current members of the Linnean Society.

One thought on “Linnean Society talk & reading

  1. I think Talvikki Ansel teaches at URI or, at least, I am certain she has participated in the summer writing conferences there. Just something to consider for your next trip to the States. 🙂

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