Science Mag & Astronomy Poetry at the NMM

Pick this up!

Pick this up!

If you can, please buy a copy of the current issue of Science Magazine (out 2nd Oct)! For one, it’s the ‘Ardi’ issue: groundbreaking. For another, it has poems from the panel at the Cambridge Darwin Festival, including one by myself, one by John Barnie, and one by Ruth Padel– hooray!

On a slightly different note, I thoroughly encourage anyone and everyone to attend this upcoming event at the National Maritime Museum. ‘Dark Matter’ is a fantastic poetry anthology including work from poets and astronomers collaborating to create new writing.

Public talk: Poems of Space10th November, 19:00-20:45, National Maritime Museum Lecture Theatre, £8

Renowned astronomer Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell explores the connections between poetry and science and her experience of compiling Dark Matter, an anthology of poems inspired by astronomy. Followed by a discussion with poet Kelley Swain (Darwin’s Microscope) and astronomer/writer Dr Pippa Goldschmidt.*/changeNav/false/from/2856

Tickets from the NMM Bookings Office: 020 8312 6608,

Lovely sci-poetry anthology

Lovely sci-poetry anthology

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