The Human Genre Project and a Darwin Song

The excellent website for The Human Genre Project is live! This takes pieces of short writing (poetry, fiction, etc,) and links them to a particular chromosome on the human genome. It is deeply clever; for example, I submitted a poem (‘jargon’) about my father’s heart attack, and Ken linked it to Chromosome 11, on which there is a gene, KCNQ1, which regulates heartbeat.

I love the site’s deceptively simple design, and for you writers out there, contributions are welcome, so have a look. Thanks to Ken MacLeod, writer-in-residence at the Genomics Forum, for such a lovely website.

In other news, to enlighten your day (or to at least brighten up your day?) a friend of mine sent me this clever song. Thanks, Caitlin!

2 thoughts on “The Human Genre Project and a Darwin Song

  1. Dear Kelly,

    I often peek at your blog. I wasn’t aware of the Human Genre Project until I read your comments about it. It interested me very much and I really liked ‘Jargon’, so decided to give it a whirl and submitted some poems. They’ve been accepted and I just wanted to say thank you for bringing it to my attention! My first collection is due with Flambard next year, so I hope to meet you one day…

    With best wishes,


    • Hi Rebecca,

      Congratulations on your first collection with Flambard! I’ve so enjoyed working with them. Very glad you like the HGP and the blog. I hope we meet as well–do say hi if you’re in the Greenwich area…

      All the best,

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