Inpress Blog

Dear WordPress blog,

I’ve been seeing someone else. (Gasp!)

I was asked to write for Inpress Author blogs some weeks ago, and have devoted some of my time in the attempt to write ‘for writers.’ Instead of just going back and forth repeating everything, I thought I’d link to the inpress blog here. I’ll have to ask my awesome, technologically minded husband to help me put a more permanent link on the top of the WordPress blog so it won’t just be in this post.

I must say this WordPress blog is much prettier, with lots of pictures, and more about the book tour. I’m trying to make the Inpress blog content more about my rambling thoughts on writing, whether it be poetry, historical fiction, whatever. 

It is my hope that the Inpress blog will be of interest to writers, and I would love it if it generated a little bit of conversation. My latest post is asking about where people think the line is between ‘therapy writing’ versus good but emotional writing.

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