Hooray, my book is in my hands!

It's here & tangible!

It's here & tangible!

I am so, so happy.

My only slight wish is that I had more living creatures to celebrate this moment with than my cat (though I do love my cat).

But no worries. Because my books are here! Copies of Darwin’s Microscope, in my hands! They are all glossy and straight and smell freshly of ink and paper…ow, I think I just papercut my nose…

Just kidding. Kind of. I mean first book euphoria! You really must forgive it.

The books are here in time for the first events on my book tour. On the 11th, I head to Aberdeen for their Cafe Scientifique. This is  held at the Waterstone’s in Aberdeen, and we’ll be talking about Darwin, poetry, zoology, and whatever else the tres scientifique guests wish to discuss…This event is open to the public, so maybe I will see you there!

The following day, on the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin, I’ll be parked in front of the Zoology museum on the Reading Bus. I’ll play host for the day to about 90 schoolchildren in all (ages 11-12,) and we’ll be looking at cool objects from the Zoology Museum, like turtle shells and skulls, a platypus, seashells, beetles, butterflies, and who knows what else!

Book bundles from the printer.

Book bundles from the printer.

I’ll read a few of my poems for them that relate to these objects and then get the students to share some of their poetic ideas with me. I hear there’s going to be a Darwin birthday cake and a release of homing pigeons, one of which used to belong to the Queen!
It’s set to be a great couple of days in Aberdeen. I just hope snow doesn’t change my plans…

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