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I haven’t written in a few days, much as I’m trying to make this a regular practice. My reasons are these: on Wednesday evening I was in 14 Hour, which I wrote about in an earlier post.

Thanks, Jody, for putting this on! It was a chill atmosphere with some really good readings. I took a step away from the science poems to read a few new poems, and it was a good place to try them out. I also wonder if I will ever recite any of my poems from memory, as many of the talented speakers did.

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My other reason for not writing is my discovery (ooh! I’m a little slow on the uptake here, forgive me,) of various blogs, which, when you begin reading…you find you are still reading hours later (be warned.) Here are a few that I highly recommend you check out if you are so inclined to write, and if you ever want to be published…these reflect my interests and most blogs also have links on the side to other blogs, so who knows where it will take you?

Editorial Anonymous, BookEnds, LLC., Nathan Bransford-Literary Agent,

Mysterious Matters (10 things your writing should not be, or it will fail),

Editorial Ass (short for Editorial Assistant)…I can and probably will add to this list…many of these, particularly Editorial Anonymous, have me snorting/chuckling aloud and glad I’m working from home…Particularly the “Slush and Punishment” posts, which serve to make me feel positive about my own competence and writing ability, as opposed to so much of the talk out there which is often discouraging–or disgruntled! Ah, welcome to the world of writing.

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