Cambridge Science & Literature Reading Group

I just heard from my friend Melanie Keene at the Cambridge Sci-Lit Reading Group– they have invited me to do a reading once Darwin’s Microscope is out! Of course I’m very happy to do a reading and I love that I’ll be involved in more than one event at Cambridge, where Darwin himself was a student.

I consider myself a member of the group, though due to life events (such as getting married!) I haven’t been able to attend since last autumn.

Darwin College, Cambridge

That said, this is a fantastic little group of very intellectual people who have a wonderful mixture of knowledge and who love to share.

I enjoyed every meeting we had (and the pub discussions after!) and was very sorry to miss their poetry-and-science themed term this spring, which, I think it is safe to say, was sparked by my own poet-mindedness.

I was sorry to miss Katy Price’s workshop, as I’d had the pleasure of meeting the professor at the Popular Science Day event at Imperial College, London.

Suffice to say I want to get involved again with the Cambridge Sci-Lit Reading Group, and not just because it is held at the aptly named Darwin College.

Here’s a taste of our Christmas Party (2007)…ok, we were being a little Darwin-tastic here…

Here I meet Darwin

Here I meet Darwin

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