Darwin’s Microscope to be Published

Darwins microscope

Darwin's microscope

Darwin’s Microscope, my poetry manuscript, has been picked up by Flambard Press for publication in 2009. I’m very pleased with this!

I will be reading from the manuscript at the ASLE-UK conference in Edinburgh on the 10th of July, as well as presenting my research paper on Melville’s cetology in Moby-Dick.

I will also be seeking opportunities to get involved with “Darwin Day” happenings for Feb 2009 and beyond (before or after!) I live in London so I hope to make some good contacts regarding these upcoming events.

Please feel free to contact me via this blog if you are involved with poetry and/or science events that you feel I could contribute to.

One thought on “Darwin’s Microscope to be Published

  1. Hey there Kelley,
    Good to meet you at the ASLE conference… sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat to you more after the opening event. Hope your lecture went well?
    Keep in touch,
    All best,

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